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Hi ,

I have a few boxes (easy jtag plus) now already where the D0 pin (in isp mode, D6 in socket mode) does not work anymore.

Two questions,
1- Is it possible to have this repaired ?
2- I also use EMMC file manager, that licenses on sim and box serial...bought 3 licenses already :-(
   Can i somehow clone serial, so that i can swap sim to new box, and keep using ?


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Hello. We can move efm. Provide card sn and box sn, also some screenshots with serials. And download some files via shell and tell time and ip.
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Thank you.

Great, is there a way to send you the requested info, without it being publicly posted here ?
Yes, post it there.
I send you a private msg on this board.
Hope that is ok.


Please let me know if you got the PM with details.

I have customers waiting on activation, so would be great if you could handle it quickly.