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I made 2 attempts but without success
Operation: Read Codes via Server Selected model: SM-A207M Software version: 43.27 Checking Login and Password... OK Balance: 12 crd. You have 12 credit(s) left. This operation takes 5 credits. Continue? Yes Waiting for device to become ready... OK Reading phone info... Model: SM-A207M Android version: 9 PDA version: A207MUBU1ASJ2 CSC version: A207MOWA1ASJ1 Phone version: A207MUBU1ASI3 Product code: SM-A207MZRAPCT CSC country code: Puerto Rico CSC sales code: PCT Carrier ID: PCT Phone SN: R9AMC1QBRMJ IMEI: 357863109789792 HW version: MP1.0 RF cal date: 2019.12.15 Chip name: SDM450 Modem board: SDM450 Security patch: 2019-10-01 SIM State: ABSENT Rebooting phone... OK Waiting ADB device... OK Waiting for device to become ready... OK Searching Samsung diag port... detected COM27 Reading phone info... OK Initialization zTool... OK Running zTool, please wait... OK Reading data from phone... OK Executing... OK Searching Ramdump interface... COM41 detected Reading data from phone... OK Calculating... OK Searching server... OK Waiting for server answer... error (1) Server error: Server answer timeout
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Hello. 1 attemt refunded. Your codes:

25368967 08040972
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