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I am trying to dump the contents of the following flash chip:

  • Model: Samsung KM2B8001CM-BB01
  • Package: 254FBGA

I see that EasyJTAG supports this specific flash chip starting with Easy JTAG as described here:


However, when I try to read this chip, which I believe is UFS, I get the following error as shown below: "Can't open link, Code: -51, Reason: BOX: Socket not detected"



I am using the following hardware setup:

  • EasyJTAG Plus box
  • ICFRIEND ICS-UFS 3 in 1 BGA Set (using the BGA254 adapter)

Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? Do I need to activate for SAMSUNG PRO since this is a Samsung chip I am trying to read?

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Hello. Attach please photo of socket.
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I think the problem was that I did not have the "EasyPlus UFS Key K1" adapter connected. After I connected that, the "Socket not detected" error is no longer printed.

However, I am still unable to identify the Samsung KM2B8001CM-BB01 UFS chip. Here is a picture of my adapter connections:

And here is the error I am seeing:

Is there anything else I am doing wrong? I think the Samsung KM2B8001CM-BB01 should be supported.