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Please,help me,i cant activation my pandora box, there error notification "activation limit exceeded" after i click activate
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Hello. Wait 24 hours and repeat then.
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Ok thanx,ill try
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Hello. Is it solved? At start your box was activated?
Still activation limit exceeded sir, what should i do?

In shell aplication, card activated on 23-03-2022
Im asking again, at the beginning your card was activated?
My reseller maybe already activated it, cos in card info menu, there are message card activated on 23-02-2022 08:32:33 by my reseller
And when you got your box, it was activated or no?
I got from reseller on 23-3-2022 n i check in pandora 3.2 aplication that was activated
help me pls
Install windscribe vpn, enable it and repeat.
I send back to reseller
hello. im tryed with vpn and without vpn but not activated 3 days. i cannot use pandora box.


i cannot login pandora tool after update. im updated new versiyon than tool cannot work. its says Activation limit exceed.

here screenshot.



=====  BOX INFO  =====

Boot Ver: 1.5

Boot Date: Mar 14 2021 23:23:02

Main Date: 1.5

Main Date: Nov 18 2023 00:43:51

BOX SN: 5268C1759DECC2E2

BOX Rev: 1.7


Activations: Activate