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I am trying to dump the contents of the following flash chip:

  • Model: Samsung KM2B8001CM-BB01
  • Package: 254FBGA

I see that EasyJTAG supports this specific flash chip starting with Easy JTAG as described here:


However, when I try to read this chip (using EasyJTAG version, I get the following error as shown below:

"Can't init device, Code: -113, Reason: UTP: Failed to NOP request"

I have verified that my adapter setup works with a similar UFS chip (Samsung KM2V8001CM-B707), and everything works. Here are the adapters I'm using:

However, I am unable to read the Samsung KM2B8001CM-BB01.

Is there anything I am doing wrong? 

Can you verify the software I'm using supports the Samsung KM2B8001CM-BB01?


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Hello. Are you sure that ic working?
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We have re-balled the BGA and the IC appears to be in good condition. We used the same process on this chip that we used for the Samsung KM2V8001CM-B707, which worked just fine. Can you confirm EasyJTAG version supports the Samsung KM2B8001CM-BB01?