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Operation: Repair
Selected model: SM-A022F
Software version: 43.27

Waiting ADB device... OK
Reading phone info...
Model: SM-A022F
Android version: 11
PDA version: A022FXXS3BVB1
CSC version: A022FOJM3BVB1
Phone version: A022FXXS3BVB1
Product code: SM-A022FZBDLYS
CSC country code: Libya
CSC sales code: LYS
Carrier ID: MID
IMEI: 356113434257235
HW version: MP 0.200
RF cal date: 20210721
Chip name: MT6739
Modem board: MT6739
Security patch: 2022-02-01
Boot Warranty bit: 0
New firmware is not supported.
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Hello. Bit3 currently not supported for repair operations.
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hello Dimidrolus , i am having the same issue, any expected date for its release ?
When solution will be released - we will announce it.
is it now supported
Yes, via root.
after patch no network but after patch with chimera network ok.pls solve this problem