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hello Sir. Please Help me to transfer activation of my lost Samsung tool pro Activation to my New Pandora box I have Card Info of Pandora box but Some logs are here of my lost Samsung tool Pro box.   Please Help me I am a Poor man can't afford the new Card so Please Help me. the last work I did with my lost Z3X Samsung Tool Pro was IMEI Repair OF G570F  on 18-11-2021. So Please help me to transfer the activation to My Pandora Box....

All the Screenshots are Attatched and the password is In Admin Pannel.....

Link of Attatched documents.


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Hello, it is a pity that this happens. But the activations and accounts are transferred only for customers with an unworkable Z3X smart card and a box/dongle that was last launched no later than 6 months ago. The user must have both an old and a new card to transfer. Forbidden or lost boxes are not included in this list.
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Transfer of Activation to Pandora Box