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Install drivers from this link and be sure that you enable adb debugging.
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Hi dear friend. I installed the driver you sent me and it does not let select a model in ADB. What do you do you have a tutorial video maybe send me a link? I want to do code cancellation and also for another device Google cancellation

I am having the same issue myself.  Would like assistence too.
Hello. Drivers installed? Debugging enabled?
Yes my updated SMG drivers are installed as well as USB debbugging enabled
When you say "ADB" debugging are you refering to developer options USB debugging?
Im sorry. I'm confused by this link you posted.  I don't speak russian or ukranian.  Is there something in this video that will help me resolve my issue with the ADB thing?
Sorry, by mistake copied link for youtube ads.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRDllLVEIH0 - check this.
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Hi you received your link to the video. But how can you open this option that the device is locked pin code lock code. It is not possible to log in to the device and perform a USB setup
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If your device password locked you cannot enable adb. Adb using for network unlock and some other operations. Just reflash your phone in download mode or reset via recovery.
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So why did I buy credits.  To unlock lock code without deleting information.  Are you telling me you can't delete a lock kiss on a Galaxy?  With the z3 box device?  Even in recovery mode the software does not detect Abd and it requires.  If I make a general deletion.  I will delete the information.
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