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Hola, que tal.. desde marzo estoy usando pandora box.. pero desde el martes de la semana pasada no puedo usar mi pandora me sale que tengo que activar pero le doy en activar y sale actierror 2 o actierror 1.. en fin nonse que hacer.. necesito de su ayuda..
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Hello. Attach screenshot of issue.
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This problem..

After what this happened?
The same.. don't active.. actierror 2 and actierror 1..
Box working before? Provide full history.
yes friend... before it worked normally... i bought it in march... all this time i have been using it without problems... but since tuesday of last week i started with that detail... i already tried everything... but still the same .. it does not activate .. if I activate it, the same thing comes out actierror 2 and sometimes actierror 1 .. I already reinstalled everything .. I already resined z3x shell .. drivers .. used another PC .. still the same .. 2 days ago the version pandora 3.6 and I already installed it, it's still the same... it won't let me activate the pandora box...
Hello any solution... In 2 publications right here from other people they commented on the same error... what should I do... what is done... I need a solution... and they don't say anything...
Hey... any solution..?
hey... any solution... I haven't been able to use my pandora for months...
Que tal Bro alguien con esa soluciĆ³n igual no e podido utilizar Pandora box