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Galaxy a325m imie (slot 1) unknown. Imie (slot 2) unkonw baseband unknown. How to fix this. I tried repair IMEI got an error ... Cp (modem) version is not detected. Reboot and repeat if still same reflash.. how can I fix this
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Hello. After what this happened?
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After software upgrade
I can't get to repair the imei. Keep getting an error
First try to reflash with 4-files firmware.
How would I know which one has 4-file firmware. I have downloaded 3 firmware so far and they all have 5 files inside
Choose 4 files and flash.
Am on u2. And I have flash with 3 firmware for far and they all have 5-file firmware
Because 2 csc there: home csc and full. Choose full
So flash the 5 files in the firmware. I don't understand can u explain a bit more plz thx
Just select bl, ap, cp and csc and flash.
That's what I did. For all the firmware. Same issue
Try backup and erase nvadata and nvram via pandora.
My I don't have the Pandora box. I only have the z3x box