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Hi guys I have an lg k9 realized that the imie says null. So I tried the LG 2-3G Tool. And it's Says the phone has a bad imie during the process of the imie repair. Also after the phone goes to download mode and reboots. The lg tool sticks in "dected lg modem at com11 and nothing else happens and the imie is still at null
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Hello. Provide log of operation.
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Hitman, [7/16/2022 3:55 AM]
Build version:  
SW Version:
BlueTooth Address: 00:00:7E:67:7F:01
Phone Code:
Elapsed: 0 secs. --> (v9.83)
Repair IMEI...
Phone mode is NORMAL
Switch to DOWNLOAD mode
Phone detected!
Read security zone...
Model name: LM-X210BM
Software verion: X21013d
Android verion: 7.1.2
Target operator: LAO
Target country: COM
Chipset: msm8909
IMEI: 353455090839506
Save part1... done
Save part2... done
Save part3... done
Sec zone saved: ..\Backup\X210EM_353455090839506_16072022_035229.lgsb1
Write security zone...
Erase part1... done
Erase part2... done
Erase part3... done
Phone detected!
Repair IMEI...
Search LG Modem port...
Detected LG Modem port at COM11
Any update
Currently this version not supported for repair.