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Operation: Read Codes via Server
 Selected model: SM-G950U
 Selected port: COM2010 SAMSUNG Mobile USB Serial Port
 Software version: 38.2
 Checking Login and Password... OK
 Ballance: 19 crd.
 You have 19 credit(s) left. This operation takes 5 credits.Continue?  Yes
 Waiting ADB device... OK
 Reading phone info...
 Model: SM-G950U
 Android version: 8.0.0
 PDA version: G950USQU5CRK1
 CSC version: G950UOYN5CRK1
 Phone version: G950USQU5CRK1
 Product code: SM2G950UZKAATT
 CSC country code: USA
 CSC sales code: ATT
 Phone SN: R38J90PW7VV
 IMEI: 355986085834860
 HW version: REV1.0
 RF cal date: 2017.09.28
 Chip name: MSM8998
 Modem board: MSM8998
 Security patch: 2018-11-01
 Boot Warranty bit: 0
 Rebooting phone... OK
 Waiting ADB device... OK
 Rebooting phone... OK
 Waiting ADB device... OK
 Waiting for device to become ready... OK
 Initialization zTool... OK
 Running zTool, please wait... OK
 Reading data from phone... OK
 Searching Samsung diag port... detected COM2010
 Reading phone info... OK
 Reading data from phone... OK
 Searching Ramdump interface... COM4 detected
 Reading data from phone... OK
 Calculating... OK
 Searching server... OK
 Waiting for server answer... error (0)
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2 Answers

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Please post logs
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Please try again, credits will be charged only once for this phone but in case you have notified count of credits before repeating this operation. If double charge happens - write here and we will refund.
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