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Good afternoon, I am writing to you because my smart card stopped working from one moment to the next. I was looking and I know that it is possible to transfer the activations of that card to another that I would need to be able to do it, I already have the other card to transfer the activations to.
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Please add more details, to prove that the activations belongs to you

  • screenshots with card info of both and smart-card activations which must be moved
  • date of successful work done of smart-card using credits (sever connect)
  • if you don't have a credit account, date of last action downloading (firmware, program updates)
  • and as well add a picture of Z3X box/dongle, Easy JTAG box, and smart-cards.
  • your IP address
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  1. the serial of the old smart card is 00021201 the last action i did was to download a10s firmware on 08-22-2021 i would like to transfer the samsung toolpro and lg tool activations to this smart card AABB4EF1
Provide ip adress. And Box/Cards photos.

I don't understand how to upload the image

Upload somewhere and attach llinks here.
Activation lg sams_upd sams_pro transferred from 00021201 to AABB4EF1
thank you very much for your attention and time