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pandora send start cmd... error(4)

Friends, what's the problem?
I had previously solved this problem by updating the MediaTek driver through windows update, now I changed Windows, the same problem starts again, updating the drivers through windows update takes a long time, does anyone have another solution?

The problem with all Mediatek brands is that the code is not fully executed, and as a result, no operation such as read, repair, etc. is possible.

Selected model: Huawei AMN-LX9 (Y5 2019)
Operation: Read Flash Info
Software Version 3.10

Host Power Off... OK
Switch virtual port to NONE... OK
Connect Type-C to HUB... OK
Host Power On... OK
Connect phone to BOX in BROM/PRELOADER Mode
Wait for device connecting... OK
Driver: [MediaTek Inc.,wdm_usb,MediaTek PreLoader USB VCOM (Android), usb2ser.sys,3.0.1511.0]
Device found at COM29 [PRELOADER]
Open port... OK
Send start cmd... error(4)
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Hello. Delete all mtk drivers and install drivers from pandora box folder. Also, whats phone condition?
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