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 Balance: 6 crd.
 You have 6 credit(s) left. This operation takes 5 credits. Attention! In case if phone asking MCK(Freeze, PUK) code, using this method will consume credits twice - first for MCK(Freeze, PUK) code and then for NCK(Network, PIN). Continue?  Yes
 ADB device not selected
 Operation: Read Codes via Server [UPLOAD 2021]
 Selected model: SM-A217M
 Software version: 44.17
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 Balance: 1 crd.
 Not enough credits
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Hello. Where are log of operation?
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In the image that I attach below you can see that it tells me that I do not connect and then that I remove the credits since I only have 1 credit left

Provided log cannot consume credits.

Yes, I have also thought the same thing, but in the record that I leave below, it can be seen that he consumed the credits

Im answered again, provided log CANNOT consume credits.
Can you enter through any desk? Because my operations log does not record any unlocks and my estimate appears discounted. It is something that should not have happened. I don't know how it happened, but it has happened.
No i cannot. Between operations on screenshot you unlocked another phone with another z3x card, thats why credits deducted. You trying to scam?