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I bought Z3X Dongle and Pandora activation for one year. Pandora correctly recognizes the fact that it is activated, yet the shell shows that Pandora is "NOT available". When I try to unlock a device using Pandora it asks for my credentials. After I enter my credentials it says that the operation is "canceled" - just as if they were incorrect. Any help would be appriciated. 




Selected model: Samsung SM-A037U (Samsung Galaxy A03s)
Operation: Unlock network (Server)
Software version: 4.10
Work ID: 1586072

Checking Login and Password... canceled
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Hello. This card dont have pandora acivation.
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Hello and thanks for fast response. The Pandora tool shows however that it is activated.
Attach screenshot.

It's on the first screenshot. 

Its online activation and its not related to card.
Oh okay, but why doesn't it work? If it is activated it should accept my credentials and make an attempt on unlocking the device right?
Or do I need anything more?
What credentials? For samsung server unlock? You should have z3x credits account.
Okay I just needed to use the other credentials. Thanks.