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hello z3x team , I have problem with opening the samsung tool pro software it keeps saying program damaged,

I got support from another z3x owner and swapped cards and checked both box and smart card. finally now I know it is problem with smart card. 

Please tell me what should I do now ? 

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Try these steps:

  1. Disconnect card
  2. Run shell, Hardware wizard, Repair Dead Card should be available (because no card connected)
  3. Connect card and then click Next (with Repair option selected)
  4. Update card firmware and activate all products and close Wizard
  5. Launch Samsung Tool
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Card connected showing
Show "card info only" available. Other options not available.  

Please tell me What I do now ?

Read my answer again.
I'll Try and let you know. thanks

I tried that, but it did not worked. screenshots attached

Please tell me what should I do now ?

Now connect card and press next.
Card connected and pressed next, but still same.
Try another pc and cardreader. If still same - order replacement card.