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Hey I am quite new to this game and found the Samsung Pro Tool as potential solution to gain back access to my old phone.

I have a Samsung S8+ (G955F) and I forgot my passcode to unlock my screen. The phone is not rooted, no USB debugging is enabled and pretty much has the standard config.

How does the Samsung Tool work? Can I still unlock my phone screen in this case?

Also, what do I need for that? Do I need a physical Box, is Software and Credits enough? Do I need special cables?

All info helps me.


Thanks for all the help in advance!
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Hello. No, this option not supported. Use checkphones for check supported options.

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Thanks for your quick answer.

I just noticed the checkmarks for every category and thought it would  be possible.

Are there any other options to unlock the screen of my phone or is there absolutely no way to gain back access to the data?

For example can my phone be rooted while it is locked, or can I pull a full backup in locked status? Anything to save my data?

I almost cant believe that there isnt a solution ....

Also, is there any chance that there will be an available solution / update in the future to unlock the screen? Or is it technical impossible by design?
Currently we dont have solution for this.
I found this one:


Do you maybe know if that works by any chance?
Its z3x support here. As i told before - currently there is no solution to do this with z3x samsung tool.