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Here's the information on the card.. Thank you in advance


Card SN - AA42B220
Reseller: gsmsources
Card activated - 2016-04-29
Download limit per day - 20
China Editor - NOT available, activation possible
Lg Tool - activated 2017-01-11
Samsung Tool - activated 2016-04-29
Samsung Tool PRO - activated 2016-04-29
Easy Jtag Plus - NOT available, activation possible
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Please post more information about your credits login: 

  • approximately date of buying
  •  refill count and date
  •  phone models that were unlocked with the login.
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The above information is all that i have...  this is the login username if that counts.. zsc_DmhSuwyg
Sorry, there's too little information to prove that this login belongs to you. Perhaps you can still remember the approximate date of purchase or any other details of working with this credit account so that we can help you.