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how to install smart card and USB serial port on windows 7 64 bit
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Video guide on youtube z3x install

Z3X Software Installation and registration procedure


  1. Connect smart card to PC
  2. Install Z3X-Card Drivers from folder x:\Program Files\z3x\Card drivers\
  3. Install additional drivers (if necessary) from folder x:\Program Files\z3x\Reader drivers\

Activation and registration:

  • 4. Run Shell ( Download Shell )
  • 5. Click "Settings"
  • 6. Click "Hardware Wizard". Wizard will start
  • 7. Make all necessary steps from the Wizard

Download main software:

  • 8. Click "Support files" from Shell and browse/search for software
  • 9. Run downloaded file


  • 10. Choose model from list and click "Run" or run module directly
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If you have tried these steps and still have a question, please refer to the FAQ section of the z3x shell.

If there is no answer to your question, please describe in detail here at which step the problem appears.