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here is my question:
I extracted the USERDATA partition (25.7 GB) from a dead G920F using EASY JATG 2 (with UFS socket and chip off method).

as you know the partition is encrypted on recent models and i can't recover my datas simply.

I have another fonctionnal ROOTED G920F and i would like to put the USERDATA  on this other phone without resolder the chip in this new phone and risk damaging it.

on an EMMC model it would have been easy with the USB tool present in the EASYJTAG Tool software.

The problem is that with an UFS model, the software cannot see the different partitions present in the phone memory.

is there another solution without resoldering the chip ?
can you update this beautiful tool to be able to do this kind of thing without having to damage functional phones ?

Thank you,
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