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my old smart card is dead i was attached my account to this card 

now my new card can't attach this account 

(This account can't be locked with this card because other cards have made their first operation on it)

how i can unlock my account from old card

Old card sn : AA1BA433

new card sn : AAB17C72


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Hello please add your your account login (name)
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zsc_Wy2kb3cp  i have 30 credit in this account
Please detach my account.

i have 30 credits

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Hello, we have considered your appeal.  According to the Z3X team rules, the account belongs to the card with which it was first used.  Accounts are only transferred along with activations from the damaged card.

 In your case, you can work with your account without any hassle.  Do not share your login / password, then no one else will be able to use it
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