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Good morning, I am having a problem with my z3x pro box the case is that I bought my activated box for Samsung and everything fine and after a while I decided to buy the activation for lg and everything perfect after 2 months or so tell me who I bought the activation for lg that my bank has taken away the money that if I do not replace it I would block the card but I never received that money so I command to block my box however I need it and if I have to pay the activation again what I will do, I would appreciate it if you could help me with the problem And really need your help if have the posibility.


My box is z3x pro

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Hello, your card was banned by the reseller, and only they can unlock it.

If you have not requested a refund and have not received it, you should first clarify this issue with your bank.
Then you can resolve your financial issues with a reseller with whom you have a payment misunderstanding.
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