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Hello, the server does not have information about dual(and any) credit withdrawal from your account for this model.  There are several options for why this can be:  

  • the wrong log. Please check that these are really the logs of the process.
  • Operation time.  If something happens with your phone unlock - send a request max 48hours after the job is done.  It's been over six months in this case.
  • You may have already applied for a refund and have been repaid. 
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NO ME RENBOLSAN LOS CREDITOS AMIGO  #403 Login: zsc_dpWWzSO7  30 pcs. solo actulise la caja ya no temgo creditos mando SMS no me resulven  pasen los mesess que pasen ya no puedo comprar creditos por miedo que vuelba a perder
Please add your card serial number