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All versions newer than 37.0 have adb device problem.when trying to select adb device tool pro freezing but this problem there isnt at 37.0 and older versions.are we have to use 2 pcs for new phones newest version and for older phones 37.0 or older version installed.since august support team not solving this problem and refusing our reports.they says always no problem.are we sending fake reports.are you annoying with us.continue to sleep.at past z3x was the leader box.because of this problem to much users leave to use z3x
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Hello, thank you for the report. If you have a phone with this problem now, please specify the firmware version and model. If the program hangs and it's impossible to add logs, please add a screenshot where the process is clearly visible.
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i have same problem, when i plug the device and choice the adb device the program is freezing, i tested it on a505f, g977n, a12 and more but same problem, what is wrong?
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Hola, al parecer no son las versiones, me he dado cuenta que son los Windows o algo en el...

lo digo por que tengo 2 pc para trabajo

la principal es una Windows 10 y obtengo ese error con todos los dispositivos por adb

la segunda la tengo con Windows 7 Ultimate y con esa me trabaja a la perfección, es un poco tedioso tener que estar con 2 pc pero en mi caso esa ha sido la solución

espero mi comentario les sea de ayuda ;)
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