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Hi just a quick question, I have tryied to folow intalations and I still have problems, PC running win10 64BIT

Not all provided drivers are supported, In device Manager

Tried to istall all as described, some components fail to install

I cant find Z3X Box in Device Manager and when trying to run with Samsung tool Pro v.39.8), two lights come on Red and Green

Then when I choose phone for example GT-S7710 > Uncock > Meassge (ADB device not selected), Yet there is no option to sellect as its blanck.

Z3X Box drivers are old and do not support proper instalation 



I an not an amature but still sitting 2 days trying to install all supporting components to make it work and I feel a bit dissapointed, 

I have attempt on Win 7 32bit and also Win10 64 bit and so far unsuccessfuly. 

Shell is 32Bit, Drivers most of them for Old OS XP, VISTA,WIN7(some drivers)

Please advise on solution 



Kind regards

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Hello, have you been using this tutorial? Video guide on youtube z3x install

 Install Z3X-Card Drivers from folder x:\Program Files\z3x\Card drivers\


Also, in case SMARTCARD not detected/Program Damaged you can try to use function repair dead card.

Try these steps:

  1. Disconnect all other boxes, dongles
  2. Disconnect card
  3. Run shell, Hardware wizard, Repair Dead Card should be available (because no card connected)
  4. Connect card and then click Next (with Repair option selected)
  5. Update card firmware and activate all products and close Wizard
  6. Launch Samsung Tool

Is the problem still there and at what stage does it appear?

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