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Hola, soy de Argentina y a partir de hoy 16/04/2020 No puedo conectarme al servidor z3x, no puedo descargar, reparar o actualizar el shell

Mi IPv4 pública es:

Mi IPv6 pública es: 2800: 810: 56c : e74: 78bc: e1aa: a2a0: aa1f

Ubicación: Buenos Aires, C AR
ISP: Telecentro SA

Espero su respuesta muchas gracias

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Hello, unbanned
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thank you very much it is operational again! See why it happened? to prevent it from happening again!?
The problem is dynamic IP.
  This IP address was banned due to a hacked version. Someone in your part of the network was using it.
  To prevent similar problems in the future, ask your ISP for a static IP address.
perfect I already request it to my internet operator thank you very much!!