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I need your help.

I have Samsung SM-G960N (S9).
It is Android 10 and I want to downgrade to Android 8.0.

Please let me know how to downgrade.

If downgrade is not possible, I know how to change the firmware with SM-960U OR 960F ....

Thank you.
Operation: Info
Selected model: SM-G960N
Software version: 40.2

Searching Samsung modem... detected COM47
Reading phone info...
Model: SM-G960N
AP version: G960NKSU3DTD1
CSC version: G960NOKR3DTD1
CP version: G960NKOU3DTC3
Product code: KTC
Phone SN: R39K30G7R2
Unique number: CE011821A3A140200D7E
Reading IMEI... OK

Done with Samsung Tool PRO v.40.2
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1 Answer

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Hello, unfortunately, for SM-G960N it is not possible to downgrade Android 10 and  Android 8.0.
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