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I have bought a Z3X easy JTAG plus box with the NAND kit. The memories that I put in the TSOP48 socket cannot be read. I have reinstalled the drivers several times, and the NAND is still not detected. Sometimes the blue led on the socket lights up and sometimes it doesn't. Any ideas to fix it? Thank you
Z3X EasyJtag Software ver.
Identify NAND Chip.
Simple command type
Id: 0x000000000000
Full page size: 0x0
Page data size: 0x0
Page spare size: 0x0
number of CS: 0
number of LUNs per CS: 0
number of Planes per LUN: 0
number of Blocks per Plane: 0
number of Pages per Block: 0
Flash size: 0x0 / 0,000,000,000B / 0B
Can't init device, Reason: NAND chip not connected
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Hello, it seems here the chip is not visible, maybe you are putting it the wrong side or there is a bad connection somewhere. 

You need to review it carefully.

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