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I have a old Easy JTAG Box with which i normally used to repair EMMC. Now that i bought a new UFS Socket i need to activated JTAG Plus on my Current Easy JTAG to use the UFS feature. So i did activate the JTAG on my Old JTAG box. But when i try to Open the JTAG Plus software it just stuck on the loading icon/menu and stay there. But i already did the activation on my OLD box.

What do i do?

1. It says activation is possible so it did activated successfully but its not useable at all.

2. Do i need a new Plus Box? if so, lite or full upgrade set?

3. I Purchase the Plus activation on z3x-shop.com, will i get the refund or use the already activated plus on the new box? Is it possible.

I spent alot already trying to upgrade my box and with the socket. Please please  help me out.
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Hello, have you tried to reinstall the software and make activation again? 

The equipment can work, but with limited possibilities. New functions that need new equipment will simply be disabled and buttons will be inactive.

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