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Your card is hardware-dead and requires the exchange (we can transfer activation from old card to new card,just send us an email to forum@z3x-team.com with two card SN) or you've selected wrong reader when trying to repair software-dead card. If you don't remember old SN click here.
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General guide for solving SMARTCARD problems:

1. Try clean SMARTCARD pins. Try use other reader for SMARTCARD. Try reinstall drivers. Try use other PC.
2. Disconnect all other boxes, dongles and try use function repair dead card:
- If function not allowed, remove smart card before goto window with repair dead card function 
- then after —Āhoice repair, immediately put card back and do repair.
3. If BOX under warranty - ask reseller for replace.
4. If BOX not under warranty, and last time box using was not more than 6month, and you have damaged card in hands - buy empty card and we will replace activation to new card.

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