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I lost login/password for my Z3x Box. Changed pc.

Can you help me, please!

Box info:

Card SN - AA6208A7
Reseller: gsmsources
Card activated - 2018-01-22
Download limit per day - 20
Lg Tool - NOT available, activation possible
Pandora - NOT available, activation possible
Samsung Tool - activated 2018-01-22
Samsung Tool PRO - activated 2018-01-22
Easy Jtag Plus - NOT available, activation possible

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Hello, the card you specified has never been used with a credit account before.
Have you purchased and used a credit account before?
If so, you may have used it with another card.

The account is not provided with the box and can be purchased separately by users if necessary.

It should look like this, for example

LOGIN: zsc_YDmyn201


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