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Pls check this link https://gsmserver.com/z3x-easy-jtag-plus-lite-upgrade-set/  . If I buy this hardware with jtagplus activation can i use that activation in my Samsung smart card.. (because  my smartcard is showing that 'easy jtag plus activation is available for this card') thank for your reply sir
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Hello. This upgrade set is no more avaible. But if you find used  box, you can activate jtag on it. But we reccomend to order new box with factory warranty from authorized sellers. And please note that in the older version of the Easy-Jtag equipment it is not possible to use the functions provided by the new version of hardware and software. Also, check this thread: https://support.z3x-team.com/3769/pls-tell-me-defrence-between-easy-jtag-box-and-easy-jtag-plus
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