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May friend,
I have a samsung glaxy s6 G920F_u5 
1. Which files from the combination should I turn on to run ADB without losing data? 
I want to recover data or remove paternlock .best regards Micha
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Hello. You need to flash boot and sboot.
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I uploaded - flash boot and sboot together using the Z3X -PDA.
the screen hangs on the logo.
I want to make a physical dump via ADB. I have access to the device after ADB, but to do a backup I have to confirm on the device how to do it? I already lack ideas
Seems like your firmware and combination incompatible. In this condition there is no way to allow adb. What firmware you have installed in phone and what combination you have?
FRIMMWARE - AP_G920FXXU5DQA8_CL8821257_QB12270700_REV02
Seems like for this bit avaible only this combination. Sorry, we cant help with data saving in this case.
hello ,

which files rebuild the UI system in android? 1-system.img? 2-boot .img? 3-recovery img? 4-sboot.img? 5-combination files.? thanks for your help