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Status,Date (GMT+2),Count,Model,Card,Version
OK,2020-01-21 13:24:03,+30,"","",""
OK,2020-12-07 19:29:30,-5,J337VPP_J337VPP,FEF8867B,41.11
OK,2020-12-11 23:51:43,-5,J260A_J260A,FEF8867B,41.11
OK,2020-12-14 19:37:22,-8,G960U_G960U,FEF8867B,41.11
OK,2020-12-26 20:40:51,-5,J737T_J737T,FEF8867B,41.11
OK,2020-12-28 06:23:46,-6,G960U_G960U,AA8BD6BC,41.11
OK,2021-01-06 00:14:23,0,G935W8_G935W8,FEF8867B,41.11
OK,2021-01-14 21:29:30,+30,"","",""
OK,2021-01-15 17:08:41,-5,A730F_A730F,FEF8867B,41.11
OK,2021-01-23 21:52:46,-6,G960U_G960U,FEF8867B,42.0
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Hello. Go to settings in samsung tool with old card and untick link account then link to the new card.
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samsung tool no tiene la opciĆ³n de (untick link account),


que otras opciones pudieran existir, para desvincular la cuenta de la z3x?