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i make a sucefull unlock as the log shows but it queep  , invalid sim card
 Operation: Unlock SPR via Server NEW
 Selected model: SM-J727P
 Software version: 42.1
 Checking Login and Password... OK
 Ballance: 14 crd.
 You have 14 credit(s) left. This operation takes 10 credits.Continue?  Yes
 Waiting ADB device... OK
 Reading phone info...
 Model: SM-J727P
 Android version: 8.1.0
 PDA version: J727PVPS5BSA3
 CSC version: J727PSPT5BSA3
 Phone version: J727PVPS5BSA3
 Product code: SM-G950UZBABST
 CSC country code: USA
 CSC sales code: BST
 Carrier ID: BST
 Phone SN: 00000000000
 IMEI: 353559085072856
 HW version: JoelHeredi
 RF cal date: 2017.03.16
 Chip name: MSM8953
 Modem board: MSM8953
 Security patch: 2019-02-01
 Boot Warranty bit: 1
 Rebooting phone... OK
 Waiting ADB device... OK
 Waiting for device to become ready... OK
 Reading IMEI... OK
 Initialization zTool... OK
 Running zTool, please wait... OK
 Checking network lock status... LOCKED
 Reading data from phone... OK
 Searching server... OK
 Waiting for server answer... OK
 Writing data to phone... OK
 Checking network lock status... UNLOCKED
 Debranding phone to XAA... OK
 Rebooting phone... OK
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Please attach a photo: 

  1. settings - about the phone - software info - service provider SW versions
  2. settings - system updates
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es esto lo que necesitas? 



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si se requiere algo más dime porfa

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