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I stopped using z3x box since about 15th March 2020,  until I tried to use it two days agao it ask me to login and I checked everywhere not found.

I think because I use my webhosting free email box, when email space limit reached and I emptied or delete old emails ,that is why I lost it.

I purchased z3x box in January 2020 from fonefunshop.com

I used it only to unlock samsung galaxy s6 s7 s8 no other models, unlock or flash only no other repair.

I lost both username and password, I didn't store it in safe place because I was think it linked to the card permanently.

I remember it still have more than hundred points, and never refilled yet.please do help me out. much appreciated.

Best Regards

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Hello. Account info sended in private messages. Have a nice day,
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Hi Dimidrolus

You are amazing people. Thank you so much for this quick reply. much appreciated.
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