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Searching Samsung modem... detected COM10
Reading phone info...
Model: SM-G800F
AP version: G800FXXU1CQB3
CSC version: G800FOJV1CQB2
CP version: G800FXXU1CQB2
Product code: SM-G800FZKASIM
Phone SN: xxxxxxxFQRV
IMEI: xxxxxxx63419131
Unique number: C1604555B44C351
Reading IMEI... OK
IMEI: xxxxxxx63419131 (SIGN: UNKNOWN) - what is this?

Done with Samsung Tool PRO v.42.1

I have flashed phone and it was showing network and accepted sim card (shows network carrier). But still wasn't able to call, text or get calls or texts.

Then flashed to 6 android. Now if I'm trying to call - I get "Not registered on network".

I have z3x box. Software isn't cracked.
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2 Answers

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Hello. Tap *#0011# and attach photo here. Also check knox, if knox 0x1 - most probably that imei was patched.
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Issue with "Not registered on network"
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I have changed IMEI. It's still same and I've realised that before and after changing IMEI sometimes it shows carrier and I can call. I see internet connection for a short time. I get messages. After 10-30s it shows only emergency calls. Then I have to wait until I see Carrier again and I can call. Every time I turn on and off airplane mode - I get normal signal, I can call and do everything for a short time.

I think it's antenna problem. But anyway here's what you have asked :)

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2G/GSM only mode works perfect. 3g and upper makes disconection.