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I have recently buy user name and password as i updated my samsungtool pro to ver 37.

I tested two modles so that i can see that my user and pass is ok

After that yesterday when i was trying to patch cert J701f it says "login is attached to another card".

I asked the reseller but he says there is no problem with your user and pass as he tested the user and pass on another card.

I myself test my username and password on another card with diffrent windows version still "login attached to another card"

What should i do?

Is there any way to change my pass so that i can regain my account?

Thanks in advance

Here is the user and pass

Login: zsc_o9QkJ1wY
Password: ********
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Your login is not linked to any card. Credits were used with AA3C5035 and AAADB1C5 from Iran and Germany. You can check it in Credits Log section.

I can try to connect with TeamViewer but only tomorrow
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Ok thanks for reply

So whats wrong with my card? It says logging is connected to another card and I can't use my username and password I tried to test my card on another PC but still the same error. Am I doing something wrong?
I can try to connect using teamviewer,  provide your ID and password to PM
pleze pasword z3x