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Samsung A10s-A107M Binario 5

Operation: Read Codes via Server
Selected model: SM-A107M
Software version: 42.4

Checking Login and Password... OK
Ballance: 4 crd.
You have 4 credit(s) left. This operation takes 3 credits.Continue? Yes
Waiting ADB device... OK
Reading phone info...
Model: SM-A107M
Android version: 10
PDA version: A107MUBU5BTE1
CSC version: A107MOWB5BTDI
Phone version: A107MUBU5BTDG
Product code: SM-A107MZBDPSN
CSC country code: Argentina
CSC sales code: PSN
Carrier ID: TPA
Phone SN: R9WN10MA7CJ
IMEI: 353414110718968
HW version: MP1.0
RF cal date: 20190804
Chip name: MT6765
Modem board: MT6762
Security patch: 2020-05-01
Initialization zTool... OK
Running zTool, please wait... OK
Reading data from phone... OK
Searching Ramdump interface... COM26 detected
Reading data from phone... OK
Calculating... OK
Searching server... OK
Waiting for server answer... OK
Freeze code: 16415304
NET lock: 00000000
SUB lock: 00000000
SP lock: 00000000
CP lock: 00000000
For check lock status: *#7465625#

Done with Samsung Tool PRO v.42.4
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Hello. Attach please screenshot what code phone asking for.
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Buenos dias Anexo capture Gracias
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And you tried both codes: 16415304 and 00000000?
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