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Hello I just unlocked a samsung a217m and in total the box charged me 24 dollars when the operation cost 5 dollars, the box charged me 2 times 8 dollars for reading the mck code, the first time it gave me the mck code I charged 8 dollars I added it and I repeated the operation but it gave me an error for insufficient credits when there were 6 dollars left, I added more credits and repeated the operation and again I charged 8 dollars for the mck, the same number that I already had obviously, the box did not warn me that I would do that, then he repeated the operation and again he finally threw me the nck but he charged me 8 dollars more.

The detail is that he never warned me that there were 8 if not 5 credits, besides that I would read the mck again and also charge an extra 8 dollars the operation costs 5, in the end it cost me almost 5 times what the box said, 24 dollars seems too high to me
 I am looking forward to your response.
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hola, por favor no crée 2 veces el mismo tema.

espere a que un administrador le responda.

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Lo hice porque la primera vez que hice la pregunta ne salió error al enviarla,

Y claro la volvi a enviar y aparecio dos veces, obviamente no fue a proposito, pero gracias por tu consejo, Saludos.
no te preocupes
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Hello. Double charged credits refunded.
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Thanks Sir, excellent service :)
You are always welcome!