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I am interested in data collectors for Android and ios in general and more precisely for my smartphone which, according to the information I could have concerning it, has​ an EMMC 5.1 + LPDDR 3. which is the best choice for both cases?
thank you.
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Hello. Whats mean collectors?
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Data recovery.
EMMC 5.1 uses in new phones that have latest android os on board. Data recovery from userdata partition possible up to android 6, all newer android have encrypted userdata, in this case recovery impossible.
thank you for your reply.  just to be clearer, i have a broken, irreparable smartphone that contains an EMMc 5.1.  and I intend to use the 'chip-off' method (unmount the internal memory from the motherboard and use an adapter to read the memory).  from what you told me it is impossible if the android system is higher than version 6?
Yes, you cannot mount userdata partition in this case, so you cannot extract data.