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hi Team please solve my Problem alwas show Wrong User name and password

SN: AA6B322C
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Hello. Where do you get your account?
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Sir here is user name and  Password

User name: zsc_wjZNVz3s
 Password: hided
Read carefully my question.

we by to GSMSERVER.info is my own server
This account first use was with another card, so we cannot help you with this issue. If you owner of this card and can provide serial number and proofs that this card (card that was used first with account) yours, then we can give you new password for account and attach to first-use card.
we face this problem many Time on other box and you solve this Type Problem

sir i am  respounsable person we not give you fake account ya some  more  thing who damage your good images

any way we find the order numbr on my server mybe possable
We dont need order id. If you can provide serial number of card that was used at first time with this account and attach proofs that this card at your hands - then we can proivide you new password for login, in other case we cannot help.
sorry sir we don,t know that  card number

we just genrate 25/janvery 2020  or 24 on my server and atach with this card  AA6B322C  i dont know what happened

please if possable do some user is poor and facing corona losses
No, this account  was used at first time not with this card.
sir we found the order numbr on my server

please solve my problem  we request to you

Order #:6478


Code:#207 Login: zsc_wjZNVz3s Password: jc89****** Count: 30 pcs.

Submited On:2020-01-17 23:49:55

Replied on:2020-01-18 06:51:01
Tell you once again, unfortunately,  we cannot provide password for this card, because login was used at first with another card.