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Does easy jtag plus support RX TX interface. I want to know what is the use of RJ45 port present in easyjtag plus box? I have dead boot phone & its motherboard is labeled RX & TX. Can I flash with easy jtag plus?
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Hello. Yes, RJ45 port - its simple uart port. If this phone support flashing via uart - you can use this port.
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I tried to flash a keypad phone which is dead boot. I connected it with RJ45 cable. Easyjtag is not able detect the phone. Could you tell me which RJ45 pins in easy jtag is RX & TX.
What phone and what software do you use?
It is simple keypad mobile having China RDA Processor. I use easyjtag spi flasher.
For rda you need to use software that working with rda. Spi flasher - its flasher for simple 8 pin spi ic that reqires directly connected memory.