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hi team

we buy the 30 credit account on My Server GSMSERVER.INFO

here is perches id Order #:6478


Code:#207 Login: zsc_wjZNVz3s Password: : 30 pcs.

Submited On:2020-01-17 23:49:55

Replied on: 2020-01-18 06:51:01

i own creat this Account and add on first Time this card SN: AA6B322C

Costumer  use 6 month for This Account Now

after install Window Get ERROR Wrong User name

costumer need clame and Fight with me please need

your help
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1 Answer

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Hello. Please read carefully your previous thread.

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i read cear fully but you do not under stand what i say i have proof activation server logs and 1st owner

how possable first use another card

please block that card or need  Proof

 it's your matter closed another card or need  Proof
Its mean that after generating login first use was with another card, and it was not AA6B322C.
Trust me the customer was with me in the office when I generated
After generating, I logged in to this card AA6B322C myself 
The problem is how active my own generated account was on the other card
You have solved real cases before and all were the same
I'm not lying 
I know what honors are 
I have been using this server for 5 years never had a problem