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Waiting ADB device... OK
Reading phone info...
Model: SM-G970F
Android version: 11
PDA version: G970FXXSBFUE6
CSC version: G970FOXMBFUE6
Phone version: G970FXXUBAUF1
Product code: SM-G970FZKDTUR
CSC country code: TURKEY
CSC sales code: TUR
Carrier ID: BGL
Phone SN: RF8M221HGHJ
IMEI: 358309055929726
HW version: MP 0.700
RF cal date: 20190223
Chip name: EXYNOS9820
Modem board: SHANNON5000
Security patch: 2021-06-01
Boot Warranty bit: 1
Checking Super user right... true
Root version: 23.0:MAGISKSU
Checking data... OK
Searching server... OK
Checking server answer... modem required
There is no information about this firmware on the server.
Done with Samsung Tool PRO v.43.4


How To Fix ?

G970F S10e

Flashed eng modem but not repaired . offical modem ok but always reset phone
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1 Answer

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Hello. We will add this firmware for support soon.

What mean official modem ok, but always reset phone? Phone reboots after  patching? Can you attach video of reboots?
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What this? There is no any video in your post.
Sorry website error now uploading drive
Please pm me with your whatsap number and anydesk id.
WhatsApp number +905380765420
Sorry now tested 43.4 now okey 3 reset now ok