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hello sir

my z3x box download any firmware  my problem / is can not login to server

open shell check my card info  not working

update hardware wizard not working

i using broadband internet connections

im change broadband internet connections

and im try my mobile hotspot internet connection problem is solve...

plz help me

My IP is:

Card SN - AA438B03 Reseller: gsmsources Card activated - 2014-09-20 Download limit per day - 20 China Editor - NOT available, activation possible Lg Tool - NOT available, activation possible Samsung Tool - activated 2014-09-20 Samsung Tool PRO - activated 2015-04-30 Easy Jtag Plus - NOT available, activation possible

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Please, provide your public IP from this link  

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  • Your Public IPv4 is:
Your IP address is not included in the ban list.

This may be an ISP (internet service provider) side problem not the z3x server.  Wait until your provider update / restart server, or you can inform your ISP about it.
  Do you use the same computer with the same configuration?  And change only your provider?
  You may need to check your firewall settings, gateway settings, etc.

thank you for your best support my problem is solve smiley