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I want to unlock Lg LM-Q720PS, i was told to flash a firmware (Q720QM10d_00_NAO_US_OP_1017.kdz) that the firmware will unlock the phone because it's not supported by any box. After flashing, the phone didn't boot up again, it will just erase and write OPID MISMATCHED in red till now and client has been patient but now extremely furious. Pls help me with firmware that can make the phone boot normal and pls support unlock for the phone so that i can unlock the phone too. The phone can enter download mode till now. Thanks much, i really do appreciate
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Hello. Phone able to boot into download mode?
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Yes, it can enter download mode well sir, good day sir/ma
Yes, it can enter download mode, good day sir/ma
Unfortunately, we dont have firmware for this model.
Pls, when will the firmware be in the support so that i can download and flash the phone again And then unlock it, thanks much for your response. Gd day Sir/Ma.
could you find the lg q720ps firmware
No, i didn't find the firmware, good day sir/ma.
Pls, help me with link to download firmware, thanks much sir/ma