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Login attached to different card!
Done with Samsung Tool PRO v.37.0
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You should post your card info and more information about your credits login: approximately date of buying, refill count and date, phone models that was unlocked with the login
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hi my user id:  Hello this is my account  zsc_8gEV20lo  date 26

august on this date and no matter how much i can login can change this password
There are many cards using this account. I can reatttach only for the first card. What is your card SN?
tanks my sn card : AAD12275      only gets active on my boxing credits
Now it`s locked to your card
Hello thanks made just me another credit which this problem has caused so much to activate my  sn card   

user : zsc_5hlyFad0

buy date this credit 26 august
hello no one answer?
Hello. This login is belong to AAF43E**, but not to you. I can`t unlock this login because first time it were used exacly with that card. Ask your seller about money back