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Hi there,


Can you please migrate activation from an old Z3X card that i have to a new one?


Thank you
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Hello, yes it's possible.

Please add more details

  • serial numbers(screenshots with card info) of both and smart-card activations which must be moved
  • date of successful work done of smart-card using credits (sever connect)
  • if you don't have a credit account, date of last action downloading (firmware, program updates)
  • and as well add a picture of Z3X box/dongle, Easy JTAG box, and smart-cards.
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Here are the pictures with card info form Z3x Shell and pictures with dongles that i use.
The only thing that needs to be transfered is the lg tool activation from old to new.
i don't have a credit acount.

Also date of operations with old card. And will be good to know ip that used with old card.

old card was used 2 or 3 weekes ago to unlock a Samsung E1230i (i think). the IP adress is

I can't find the log files to show you

00029F91 - we need more info about this card. Last server use (download something from shell, etc) and ip that used with this card.

Just downloaded LG_2-3G_Tool_9_83.exe with old card.

IP adress is

Activation lg transferred from 00029F91 to AA5FFAD5

Now run shell and add new activation to card please.
done. thank you